XO T1 Service Gives You High Speed Internet Connectivity on a Private Internet Connection that is Yours Alone

Not all T1 line providers are the same. XO Communications is one of the few companies to offer a top-level network connection that’s dedicated, secure and extremely fast. XO’s T1 / DS 1 service is available at speeds from 1.544Mbps - 6 Mbps and is Ideal for small or medium-sized business locations requiring reliable, high-speed Internet access with dedicated Internet connectivity.

The Difference between a T1 Line and a Shared Internet Connection

With traditional broadband internet service, your business shares its connection with other users in a defined geographical area. That’s why when you log on sometimes the connection can be slow, which means it takes longer to download files, upload files and simply surf the web. What many users who have a shared connection don’t realize is that internet service providers often oversell access. This makes it difficult to log on at all sometimes because many others are using the same connection.

Internet connectivity via a T1 line eliminates these problems because your business doesn’t share its connection with other users at all. With a T1 line from XO Communications, your business gets its own dedicated line.

What You Get with an XO T1 Line Connection

Fast Log-On Times: With a T1 line connection from XO Communications, you and your employees can quickly connect via a single, powerful network – whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Security: Data theft via the internet is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. It costs corporations billions of dollars per year in recovery costs. With a dedicated T1 line, your firm’s data is always safe because this type of connection is not only private, it’s secure as well. This means you can safely send and receive all types of data – even the most sensitive documents like tax information and medical records – over a secure connection.

Cost-Efficient: There is no expensive, high-end equipment to purchase or complicated installation procedure you have to wait for with XO Communications’ dedicated T1 line service. We work with your existing system to seamlessly expand your phone and data capabilities. All of this saves on IT costs, allowing your business to enjoy the same high-end communication abilities as larger firms without eating into hard-earned profits.

Bundled Services: With a T1 line, all of your business’s communication needs are covered – from comprehensive voice features to high-speed internet service. Two services, one provider, one bill.

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